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How poor diagnostic imaging leads to malpractice suits in Maryland

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2024 | Medical Malpractice

Diagnostic imaging, such as X-rays and MRIs, is a critical tool in modern medicine. However, when there are failures in diagnostic imaging, the consequences can be severe. Misdiagnoses, delayed treatments, and even unnecessary surgeries can occur, leading to significant harm to patients. In Maryland, these failures often result in malpractice suits as patients seek accountability and compensation.

Human error

One common cause of diagnostic imaging failures is human error. Radiologists, who can read and interpret these images, sometimes make mistakes. For instance, they might miss a small tumor on an X-ray or incorrectly interpret an MRI scan. These errors can lead to a missed or incorrect diagnosis, delaying necessary treatment and allowing the condition to worsen.

Equipment malfunction

Another significant issue is equipment malfunction. Diagnostic imaging relies on advanced technology, and when this equipment is not properly maintained or calibrated, it can produce inaccurate images. A malfunctioning MRI machine might show a clear scan when there is actually a problem, or an X-ray machine might fail to reveal a fracture. 

Communication breakdowns

Finally, communication breakdowns between medical professionals can also lead to diagnostic imaging failures. If a radiologist identifies an issue but fails to communicate it effectively to the patient’s primary doctor, it might delay crucial follow-up care. Such failures in communication can result in patient harm which can be seen as negligence.

The importance of accurate diagnostic imaging

 X-rays identify fractures, infections, and tumors, while MRIs provide detailed images of organs and tissues, revealing conditions that other tests might miss. When these imaging methods fail due to human error, faulty equipment, or misinterpretation of results, the patient’s health can be jeopardized. They may have grounds for a malpractice suit. 

Legal ramifications of imaging failure

Failures in diagnostic imaging can have serious consequences for patients. These failures can lead to malpractice suits as patients seek justice and remedies for the harm they have experienced. These legal actions aim to address the patient’s suffering and ensure that similar errors do not happen to others.