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How can workers get a TBI on a construction site?

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2024 | Workers' Compensation

Construction sites are busy places where workers build structures. But amidst the hustle, it is important to know about possible risks. This includes traumatic brain injuries, otherwise known as TBIs.

TBIs can happen for several reasons on construction sites, and understanding why is important for workers’ compensation.

Falls from heights

One common way workers get TBIs on construction sites is by falling from heights. Whether it is working on scaffolding, roofs or ladders, any fall can lead to a serious head injury. If there are not enough safety measures like guardrails or harnesses, the chances of accidents increase.

Heavy objects

Construction sites have lots of heavy machinery and equipment, raising the risk of falling objects hitting workers. Anything from tools to building materials falling from above can cause a TBI.

Machinery accidents

Using heavy machinery is risky on construction sites. Accidents like equipment breakdowns, improper use or lack of training can result in severe head injuries. Those in charge need to enforce safety rules to lower the chances of accidents.

Explosions and collapses

In some construction projects, workers might face dangerous situations like explosions or building collapses. These big events can cause TBIs because of blunt force or debris hitting the head. Bosses should tell workers how to handle hazardous materials correctly to reduce these risks.

Repetitive trauma

Even though not as obvious as sudden accidents, repetitive trauma can also lead to TBIs over time. Tasks that involve constant vibrations or repeating movements, like jackhammering or using power tools, can cause cumulative brain injuries.

TBIs may be easy to miss at first in some instances, which means individuals should react quickly if they think they are suffering from one. By knowing the common causes of TBIs on construction sites, employers can take steps to create a safer workplace. Injured individuals may want to seek fair compensation.