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Car Accidents And Compensation: Skillful Advocacy For The Injured

Last updated on November 9, 2022

Being injured in a car accident is frightening for anyone. It can also be exceedingly expensive and life-changing. Whether you are recovering at home or in a hospital, or perhaps looking for help for a family member who suffered a very serious or catastrophic injury in a crash, you are on the right track by seeking legal advice. An experienced auto accident attorney can help ensure that you preserve your right to collect compensation.

At Futrovsky, Forster & Scherr, Chtd., we recommend that people get investigations started as soon as possible, while evidence is accessible. The longer you wait, the more likely it is that you may lose the opportunity to maximize your claim for compensation. Eyewitness reports, photos of the scene of the accident, a detailed review of the crashed car and other clues to the cause(s) of the accident may become difficult or impossible to obtain unless you act promptly. Remember: No insurance company is on your side, but an attorney representing you will be.

What To Do After A Car Accident

Our Washington, D.C.-area personal injury attorneys recommend the following steps after an auto accident:

  • Call 911
  • Make contact with the police and/or emergency medical services as needed, but do not take part in detailed questioning by law enforcement agents before you have legal advice
  • Document as much as you can, such as your memories and the names and contacts of eyewitnesses
  • Notify your insurance company that there has been an accident but do not give a recorded statement or engage in lengthy discussions with company representatives without legal counsel
  • Contact a car accident attorney at Futrovsky, Forster & Scherr, Chtd., to request a free consultation and learn how a lawyer can help protect your interests from the beginning through the conclusion of your claim or lawsuit

You may feel comforted and supported by police officers, medical providers and/or insurance claims adjusters but we urge you to limit the information you give to any of these people until you have a lawyer to guide you in such communications. Also, do not post details about your accident or injuries on social media before you have legal advice.

Our Attorneys Will Evaluate Your Case And Make Recommendations For Free

In addition to your personal injury claim after an accident, we can advise you on making a workers’ compensation claim and protecting your employment if you were injured while driving or riding in a vehicle as part of your job.

We will visit you in your hospital or at your home or get acquainted through a videoconference, a phone conversation or a meeting at our law office. To schedule an initial consultation with no fee or obligation, call us at 301-251-8500 or send an email inquiry.