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Compensation For Fatal Accident Outcomes

Last updated on November 9, 2022

First, for those who have landed on this page after losing a family member in a car accident, workplace accident or any accidental circumstances, we understand how difficult this can be. Our attorneys work hard to support families in a number of ways after fatalities have occurred.

We respect families’ need to grieve together after an accidental death and do our best to avoid disrupting family members at this time. At the same time, we know from experience that our early involvement can greatly improve wrongful death case outcomes.

To discuss your legal situation after a loved one has died in a crash or through another type of accident, reach out to Futrovsky, Forster & Scherr, Chtd., with full assurance that we will respect your timetable and readiness to start in on legal issues.

When A Death On The Job Involves A Third Party

You may have heard that after a death on the job, a spouse’s or children’s legal remedy may be limited to workers’ compensation death benefits. However, that is not necessarily your only recourse. If someone or a legal entity other than your loved one’s employer was at fault, eligible family members may be able to bring a wrongful death claim or lawsuit against that third party.

A third-party claim will be separate from, and in addition to, a claim for death benefits through the deceased person’s employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. Our personal injury lawyers evaluate every workplace injury case to determine whether there is an opportunity to bring a third-party liability claim.

Righting Wrongs Through Litigation

A wrongful death claim can be immensely helpful to families coping with the sudden, accidental loss of a loved one. At the same time, even the best legal representation cannot hope to restore your life to the way it was while your loved one was alive. Our commitment is to help you to seek justice through compensation for losses such as your loved one’s financial and personal contributions to family life.

By taking legal action, in addition to compensation for your own losses, you may also recover compensation for final medical bills and for the pain and suffering that your loved one experienced before death. To schedule a consultation, call 301-251-8500 or send an email message.